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Animation Student at Gobelins

Hel ex-libris by mariposa-nocturna

Hel is a Norse goddess. Daughter of Loki.

This ex libris will be given to all the people who have preordered the book!! thank you for your help!

Preorders are still open!!
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If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Why preorders? Because it will help me to fund the printing of the books and to keep a good quality for the books.



♦A5 (15cm*21cm), 100 full-color pages 
♦30 pages of an exclusive comic 
♦ Illustrations and unreleased sketches
♦ 1 A5 free print for preorders only

Mystified is a story book about  famous European myths and tales. 
It contains explanations of the differents myths with our interpretations of them.
 thank you for your support!
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IMPORTANT: pour les frenchies qui viennent à la japan expo, il y a une possibilité de retirer l’artbook à la japex: Il suffit pour cela de sélectionner dans les options d’envoi “retrait à la japan expo 2014”

End of the preorders:

15th of july for English version

20th of june for French version